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Obsession by Habeeb Ajinifesin (Paperback)






OBSESSION is a story of forbidden love, passion, prophecy and a maternal family course. It is the tale of Maliq and Morayo’s mismatched and inequitable love affair.

Morayo becomes infatuated with Maliq, an indigent mullah. Maliq stepped in to help her rid herself of an overly affectionate teacher, who insisted on sleeping with her before she could pass his course. Maliq, a married man with three kids, begins a passionate affair with Morayo, who makes him feel rich, both lovingly and spiritually.  Maliq falls deeply in love with Morayo and when she  becomes pregnant, he decides to abandon his marriage to be with Morayo, but their path won’t be an easy one.

Morayo’s mother doesn’t want her daughter to be with a poor, married man. Maliq’s wife will not agree to a divorce because, even though it would make Maliq a a happy man, she is not about to give him up.

After several attempts to end their union, the passionate and obsessive love Morayo has for Maliq, keeps bringing her closer to him. To add to their problems, her ex-boyfriend continues to profess his unending love for her and causes problems between the couple.

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Obsession by Habeeb Ajinifesin (Paperback)

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