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Mountain Moon: A Nova Garrett Novel by A.E. Hanaway (E-book)



Mountain Moon:  A Nova Garrett Novel (Book 2) by A. E. Hanaway



My name is Novangelia Leeann Garrett, they call me… Nova, or at work it is simply, Runt.  I live in the small tourist town of Tellico Plains, Tennessee.   The town is set at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains.  In the early morning during the spring, summer, and fall, a smoke-colored haze rolls slowly down the slope.

It reminds me of an avalanche of snow that silently descends, and then consumes everything in its path, hiding it from the outside world.  This beautiful, yet small and picturesque town, which I have come to love, I now call my home.  In fact it is the only home I have ever known because I have little memory of my past.  A past that now haunts me.

Whenever I gaze at the mountains, there is a longing that takes hold of my heart.  It feels more like home, safe and secure. The feeling is stronger than the town itself.  There is a feeling of danger there, and the need to escape from the pain that awaits me.

“Every year, on the seventh hour of the fourth day, if you happen to be in the meadow and truly believe with all your heart, the Mountain Moon will shine down on you.  If so, you will surely see your true love.  If legend is true, then I will search for that meadow someday.”

Book 2 in the Nova Garrett Series by A.E. Hanaway


Mountain Moon: A Nova Garrett Novel by A.E. Hanaway (E-book)


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