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Mission Possible – You by April Maguire


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Mission Possible – You


A devotional style collection of 28 tasks to help you find a way to appreciate each and every day of your life, and become the person you have always wanted to be.

With everyday living comes everyday choices concerning what makes us happy and what makes us feel successful. Do we really know what those answers are? Do we have any idea what it even means? Are we content with how our lives are turning out or are we craving much, much more?

This book is here to help with those decisions and help to make the changes we desperately want. The assignments in this book aren’t guaranteed to magically fulfill our every wish or desire for a better life, but they were created with the intent to stretch our minds to think outside the proverbial box. Every reading is a quest to challenge the way we look, hear, smell, taste, or do something. It’s your decision whether you accept the mission or not.

Each message self-destructs in 15 seconds (not really, but it has to be said for entertainment purposes). The results, however, could last you a lifetime.


Mission Possible – You by April Maguire


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