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Miracle Baby: A Screenplay by Natzee AB



Miracle Baby: A Screenplay


An abandoned child left at their door.  In 30 days , they will either rake in a fortune or become the most hunted felons.  Miracle Baby is a screenplay

Philippines 2025.

The sale of babies for adoption both here and abroad is now the country’s biggest industry. It is not only legitimate but has the full backing of the government that sees it as an answer to the rapidly growing population.  With business booming, not surprisingly, the number of illegal traders and baby thefts has also risen significantly.

The adoption angle may be true locally but globally, there’s another story being told. Most are hawked as sources of food, medical parts and specimens for scientific research.

Beyond the moral bankruptcy of it, there’s one issue about this system that has elicited a wave of public outcry.  Though you may be the biological progeny of a baby, you are not recognized as its parent nee owner unless you and the child have the government-issued C.H.I.P. – Child’s Home Identification Program – a microchip implant that verifies your claim. Without it, or with a bogus CHIP, you risk not only losing your baby but even face serious jail time.

Freddie and Freda – a childless couple – are thrust into this situation when a baby mysteriously lands at their doorstep one night. How the infant escaped the preying hands of thieves is beyond comprehension. This leads the cancer-stricken Freda to believe the baby is a gift from God with much opposition naturally from Freddie. But Freddie gives in to his wife’s wishes after Freda bargains to keep the child for only thirty days – the maximum grace period allowed by law for anyone in possession of missing or stolen infants to return the “merchandise” to the authorities.

The child turns out to be a tremendous blessing. Now, they want to keep the baby for good; even if this means constantly dodging questions or suspicions from sneaky neighbors, eager to snitch on them for a government reward…

But their world of trouble takes on a more perilous spin when they are suddenly confronted by a checkered past that could put their whole future in jeopardy.



Miracle Baby: A Screenplay by Natzee AB


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