May of Lukera – Book 1 by Kayla Dodd (Paperback)

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May of Lukera – Book 1



May is a scientist who studies aliens.  She has dedicated her entire life to finding out the truth.  It jeopardized her marriage to Chris because he did not want her working in the lab.  He wanted her to quit, but she stood her ground and it cost her much.

When she comes face-to-face with the alien she has been studying, what will she do?  Will she run away or will she have feelings so strong for him that a romance blossoms.

The ground was blue and sandy, but I saw what looked like many trees and various flowers. Both were prominent and more substantial than those I knew back on Earth. 

As I pulled into the castle, I was amazed.  It was simply beautiful with long spiral towers that surrounded it on all sides.  The walls were a beautiful blue and the water that surrounded it was purple. I had never seen anything so exotic. 

The beauty is nothing compared to what she is about to experience when she meets ‘the Alien’.


May of Lukera – Book 1 by Kayla Dodd (Paperback)

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1 review for May of Lukera – Book 1 by Kayla Dodd (Paperback)

  1. Dina Husseini

    Do you want fun? Do you want cute? Do you want creative and entertaining? This book has all that and more :)

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