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Magic I: The Door in the Floor by Bob Moulesong (B&W)



Magic:  The Door in the Floor by Bob Moulesong  B&W Version


Magic: The Door in the Floor is the first book of a trilogy written for six to twelve-year-olds by Bob Moulesong. In Book One, we follow along as siblings Claire, Cody and Carrie discover a mysterious door in the floor of Lucy’s doghouse. When Claire and Lucy disappear through that door, Cody and Carrie are obliged to follow to rescue their sister.

On the other side, they find a magical world full of playtime and cupcakes and all the ice cream you want.  Carrie, the oldest, soon discovers that things aren’t always as they appear. There seems to be no path home for Claire, the chosen child of the Underground. With the help of their neighbor and magician, Mr. Burke, Cody and Carrie are in the fight of their lives as they try to escape the Underground and rescue their little sister.

Magic I: The Door in the Floor by Bob Moulesong (B&W)


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