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Maggie’s Not So Big Move by Meg DeMakas (Paperback)



Maggie’s Not So Big Move



Dad surprised me when he announced, “We’re moving, Maggie!” Today of all days? It was my turn to lead the neighborhood kid parade. Soon the whole Grant family, including my parents, Sam, Tina, Dougie, Baby Sally Jo, and me crammed into our car, leaving paradise behind.

I had lots of problems in my new place. First we big kids slept like sardines in two bunk beds. My new school was advanced, which put me behind. To make things worse, my parents gave me extra homework to help me catch up. My friends back home were replaced by class bullies. And with Christmas around the corner, I worried that Santa wouldn’t know where to find me. Luckily, my classmate, Lucy Zipperfeld, made friends with me and she was a super- duper problem solver.

Read this story to discover how I become a winner in my new life. You can also learn about Hannukah, trains, and a host of do-it-yourself projects.

Maggie’s Not So Big Move is a great read for the young and young-at-heart.


Maggie’s Not So Big Move by Meg DeMakas (Paperback)

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