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Love in Yona Valley (book 1) by Ellen Gillette (E-Book)


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Love in Yona Valley (book 1)



When their father’s estranged brother leaves a house and 80 acres to him in his will, the four Calvert sisters—Darcy, Grace, Ruby, and Kendra—aren’t sure that it is wise to make such a drastic move, soon after their mother’s death. Their father believes the move is God’s will, however, annoying to Darcy, who has undergone a crisis of faith in recent years. The oldest, she is determined to help her father, but when she meets the conflicted, but handsome, young veterinarian, her heart begins to soften.

Artistic Grace finds work at the local hardware store. Ruby, an accomplished horsewoman, still feels betrayed by an unwanted tumultuous break-up. Fourteen-year-old Kendra has never been the “new kid” at school before, but manages to prove herself a true heroine.

The mysteries of the property’s thicket, their late uncle’s belongings, and their own mother’s locked trunk are simple matters compared to the challenges of the heart.

Join the Calvert family as they experience comfort, answered prayers, and find…Love in Yona Valley.


Love in Yona Valley (book 1) by Ellen Gillette (E-Book)

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