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Love, Guess Who by April Maguire


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Love, Guess Who



Love, Guess Who is a heart-warming tale, based on the true love story of the author’s parents. It is the meaningful narrative of boy meets girl, boy proposes to girl, boy has to grow up and be the husband that his wife deserves.

This epic tale sits down at the kitchen table with each of the characters to reveal all the intricate, messy details of family rejection and disapproval. Adding more stress to the situation, the couple must deal with failing jobs, loss of income, and extreme jealousy. Only through their determination and grit do they manage to prevail and continue their story for years to come.

Author April Maguire originally wrote this book for her mother and father’s anniversary. Her father, mother and the Author herself have since passed away. Her parent’s love story is set in the early 1960’s. The names are changed for obvious reasons. We are pleased to bring you this book in memory of April, her mother and her father.


Love, Guess Who by April Maguire

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