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Live Your Dash: The 8 Fs to Freedom by Jesse Cruz (Hardback)



Live Your Dash: The 8 Fs to Freedom


Have you ever had a feeling that there is something greater in this life? The good news is that there is something bigger waiting for you. Time will not wait for you, you must act now. Life is short. From the time you take your first breath until your last, there is a line separating life and afterlife. The line between those two dates is known as the dash. The dash we have seen on tombstones before is a reminder that life on earth does have an expiration date. Before that time comes you have decisions to make to reach your goals. By achieving those goals you leave a legacy, a life of purpose that will be passed on to those who come after you.

There are 9 daily decisions you need to make to live your dash. The only way to reach your desired outcome in life is to be intentional in developing your 9 F’s. With the commitment of following the 9 F’s formula you will be empowered to break the chains that held you back. With chains broken, opportunity opens. Now you can unleash the power of freedom. Some of the 9 F’s include Friendship, Fitness, Finances, Family, Faith and a few other F’s. Now is the time to take the journey and LIVE YOUR DASH

Live Your Dash: The 8 Fs to Freedom by Jesse Cruz (Hardback)

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