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Jus’ Plain Harry by Pat Pattan


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Jus’ Plain Harry

Harry spends two days on a bus from the prairies to a small town in New Jersey. He’s down to his last two twenties and some change. The tools in his duffel bag are of no use because he can’t work with a broken leg, but Harry is smiling because he’s got a feeling the newspaper clip in his pocket will change his life. A few months later, his nephew, now a doctor, sees Harry on TV protesting the closing of the tent camp where he now lives. Elated at finding his long-lost uncle, who was like a father to him, the doctor takes him home to his resentful wife, sullen son, and over-protected daughter. Know-it-all Harry and the controlling wife butt heads as he attempts to fix the flaws he observes in the family. Just when he’s starting to fit in, Harry’s stubborn effort to “toughen up” his nephew’s little girl puts her in a near-death situation. Can he admit his flaws, or will he find solace with his buddies at the tent camp?

Jus’ Plain Harry by Pat Pattan


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