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Snakeskin: Alone in the Time Zone by Jo Jewell (Paperback)



Snakeskin: Alone in the Time Zone

Book 3: The Old Man and the Watch Series


Pete and Kerri’s daughter is having a hard time processing the grief over her parent’s death. Even though there are people who love her, she feels alone.

Emily steals a police cruiser and ends up upside down in a swift creek. Critically injured and pinned in the wreck, she is dying as the water fills the car. No one knows where she is. Can she be saved in time?

Emily’s brother Jacob is withdrawn and his extended family doesn’t know what to do. When he runs across the pocket watch given to Emily by Aliah, he desperately uses it to save his sister’s life.

However, the adventure is only beginning!

Emily’s story will take you on a journey of redemption, courage, and acceptance of the love she thought was gone forever. From the courtroom to a prison raid, Emily’s journey proves there are more ways to live life than she ever imagined and help can come from the most unlikely circumstances.

Snakeskin: Alone in the Time Zone by Jo Jewell (Paperback)


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