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I’ll Be Fine… by Pamela Hovland

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I’ll Be Fine

The true story of Author Pamela Hovland.

Be aware that parts of this book are graphic concerning mental, physical and sexual abuse.


Author Pamela Hovland grew up feeling worthless, unnecessary, unwanted and unneeded.  Worse of all, the unimaginable abuse she suffered at the hands of her own mother should have shaped the rest of her life, but instead it made her stronger.

Her mantra became, “I will survive, in spite of YOU!” 

Pamela has had far more than her share of struggles, which she faced head-on each and every time.  Her faith in God and her belief that she could be a better person for what she endured has made her a better person.


This is her story!


I’ll Be Fine… by Pamela Hovland

2 reviews for I’ll Be Fine… by Pamela Hovland

  1. Dina Husseini

    Reading this broke my heart, but it’s worth it. Raw and beautiful. A sad and emotional story about the true horrors of real LIFE.

  2. Douglas Dickey

    In knowing the Author this was a tough read for me. Have some insight in her life, but had no idea that ones life was so beyond harsh abuse, disregard for this little girl. Heartbreaking to say the least. This book was a true outlet for the Story of “Pamela’s Life”. A Blessing, God Bless.

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