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I Found a Wallet by Nancy Dearborn (Paperback)

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I Found a Wallet



What would you do if you found a wallet that didn’t belong to you? What if it was filled with money and didn’t have any identification? Would you keep the wallet or turn it in to the police? What if you had lost the wallet? What decision would you want the finder to make?

What is the right thing to do? Do the choices you make in life depend on whether you are by yourself, with an adult, or with your friends?

The main character in I Found a Wallet is faced with four different real-life situations and must decide what he is going to do in each one of them. Would you make the same choices he did? If not, what would you do instead? Why?

Ultimately, making the right choice is up to each one of us. The decisions we make in life reflect our inner character – the person we are deep inside. What type of person do you want to be?



I Found a Wallet by Nancy Dearborn (Paperback)

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1 review for I Found a Wallet by Nancy Dearborn (Paperback)

  1. Janet Halfmann

    What’s the Best Thing to Do?
    In this quiet story, a young boy wrestles with what to do when he finds a wallet filled with money, sees a sign for a free birthday sundae when it’s not his birthday, and more. He struggles between what he could gain and what would be the right thing to do. What does he decide, and why? What would you decide, and why? This is a great book for starting discussions about how our decisions affect others. Abira Das brings the story to life with her colorful, inviting illustrations.

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