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Glasses for Wally by Bryan Carrier

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Glasses for Wally


Wally has a problem.  He is clumsy.  He runs into things all the time.  His friends know he needs glasses, but Wally won’t admit he has a problem.  And even if he does, where would a bird get glasses?


Glasses for Wally by Bryan Carrier

4 reviews for Glasses for Wally by Bryan Carrier

  1. Tom Carrier

    A bird that needs glasses! How fun it was when my brother Bryan first wrote it and I read it for my young son. I did the voices and everything. He’s 20 now and actually remembered the story! Asking for help is always a good thing as Wally taught him and my son really does ask for help even now. What a great influence. Thanks to PenIt! for bringing it to life for everyone.

  2. Carole Bratteig

    If you want to fly- you’ve got to be able to see! The world can be a scary place for any little kid with a vision problem. Wally has a support group of good friends and a “Scary” Eye Care Professional that turns out to be his hero! Loved it! Bought 2 of these to give as gifts. Great illustrations too.

  3. Kristin Coda

    This book is truly heartwarming. Author Bryan Carrier has taken a real scenario – kids needing glasses – and made getting and wearing them genuinely “cool.” Wally has many friends with glasses and gets his new specs in an unlikely place while making a new friend. This is an excellent book for any child who may be uncomfortable getting glasses, and it will surely put them at ease. You will cheer for Wally and love his supportive friends.

  4. Tanga Sagrada

    The kids that have received Glasses For Wally have loved the book. The illustrations are engaging and the story line is intriguing. How is Wally ever going to accept that he needs glasses and can he get them and be accepted by his peers?

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