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For Such a Time by Ellen Gillette (Paperback)


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For Such a Time



Veronica Miller is grateful for a temporary teaching job at the local Catholic school. Perhaps it will take her mind off her ex-husband’s betrayal and distract her from the divorce and her growing doubts that she will ever find true love. When she meets Father Francis Xavier, however, will she become distracted in a potentially damaging way? To complicate matters further, she discovers her ex- and his very pregnant bride have moved in around the corner.

Father Francis is far from his home in India, an interim priest who knows no one. He becomes a welcome, calming friend who appreciates Veronica’s conversation as well as her help with difficult situations with families in the parish. Thankfully he will be gone soon, before Veronica’s emotions can overtake her good sense.

Through it all, she keeps hearing God ask the same question: “Do you trust me?” For Such a Time is a contemporary inspirational romance that will convince readers of the power of forgiveness, trust, and enduring love.


For Such a Time by Ellen Gillette (Paperback)

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