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Enigma by George Mattheson (Paperback)



Enigma by George Mattheson


“Who do you pray to and why?” But I have never really prayed. I have always conversed with God. I am not a religious person or a saint. I am a sinner, and I do believe in God as an entity an organization, for the CIA has always been a faith-based organization of theologians.“

Enigma is about the experiences of a diagnosed Schizophrenia individual who converses with God thru Michael an Archangel. While being the son of intelligence operatives he’s not sure, who is Michael. Could Michael be just another Clandestine Operative for the CIA? For as he thought God is the CIA and Washington DC is the church of God.

“I have been experiencing the effects of stigmata lately, so I started to write this novel the best way I know how, by sharing both truth and fiction. For the truth, you’ll have to find it on your own, but the fiction part is what I see in visions, memories, and dreams. It holds a hidden meaning for only the wise to decipher.“


Enigma by George Mattheson (Paperback)


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