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Drummer’s Handbook by Dr. Jerry Galloway



Drummer’s Handbook


Dr. Jerry P. Galloway has over 50 years experience playing R&B, R-n-R, and of course Country music. Here is Dr. Galloway’s current 10 piece/8 cymbal Slingerland drum set built in 1974:

He began playing drums in 1966. His first 15 years took him through a wide range of music with numerous bands and studio recording from Milwaukee, Detroit and St. Louis areas to Philadelphia and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Performing 6 nights a week during much of this time, he toured and played dance clubs with a wide variety of popular music.

Also in the mid-1970’s he studied classical music theory and composition for three years at Rowan State University under the tutelage of renowned New York composer, Manny Albam. At various times, Jerry played numerous instruments (keyboards, saxophone, cello, bassoon, trombone, etc.) and expanded his skills as a versatile percussionist. After playing drums with Webb Pierce (Grand Ole Opry and country music recording Hall-of-Fame’r) touring in southern New Jersey in 1974-1976, he played through the 80’s in Houston, Texas.

After a Bachelor’s degree in Logic followed by Law School, Dr. Galloway received his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Houston, TX, in 1987. He was subsequently tenured as a Professor of Instructional Technology at Indiana University Northwest.

  • Galloway played through the 1990’s across northern Indiana playing clubs, concerts and private parties. After dozens of books and professional papers published and thousands of presentations, Galloway, a member MENSA, is now retired from academia. He still works fulltime with his own show as a vocalist and drumming with Colorado’s hottest party band.


Drummer’s Handbook by Dr. Jerry Galloway


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