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Defeated by James Voytek (E-book)






Defeated by James Voytek chronicles the Cougars, a middle school football team in the inner city of New Haven, Connecticut, and their 2018 season. It may seem like just another football season, but it is about much more than a game. New Haven can be a dangerous place for many youths as they try to find their way at perhaps the most difficult time in a young man’s life. The story follows the journeys of four players: Freddy, Vinny, Lito, and Terrell as they battle the trials and tribulations of gangs, violence, drugs, and football.


Based on a true story, Coach V takes over for the Cougars replacing the popular Coach Bryant. Coach V must find a way to bring the Cougars together in their 2018 season while at the same time battling his own demons. Can the Cougars come together and beat the odds to become champions? Or will the challenges on and off the field be too much for them to overcome?


Defeated by James Voytek (E-book)


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