Deadly Déjà vu by Flo Fitzpatrick (Paperback)



Deadly Déjà vu


After 17-year-old Natalie Willis is dropped off at her Birmingham, Alabama home following a Halloween party, she discovers that the house has been ransacked and her parents and younger twin siblings have been brutally murdered.  Natalie is attacked by one of the killers, but rescued by the police who arrive in time to save her.

Fast forward seven years to another Halloween night. Natalie, now a reclusive author of children’s books, stumbles onto another crime scene when she checks to see how her neighbors fared during a tornado.  She sees the bodies of Emma And Craig Hadley lying lifeless in their own blood. Their young son, Aiden, is missing. Terrified, Natalie flees the house, but is grabbed by a masked man who whispers “Where is he?” before choking her into unconsciousness.

Moon Valley Chief of Police, Gil Acosta, arrives on the scene in time to save Natalie from further harm, and quickly becomes  intent on soothing her fears.  Natalie soon realizes she’s entertaining possibilities of romance with the handsome cop. Gil also would prefer to spend his time developing a relationship with the fragile author, but is kept busy determining why two separate, yet eerily similar, murders happened within less than 80 miles of each other,  seven years apart.

As Natalie joins in the hunt to find Aiden Hadley, she avoids more threats and dangerous situations from murderers intent on retrieving a priceless object, no matter the cost. All the while Natalie is determined to overcome the brokenness inside herself and be willing  accept the love Gil clearly wants to give.


Deadly Déjà vu by Flo Fitzpatrick (Paperback)

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