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Cinderella Effect: Nothing Here is Forever by Vaishnavi MacDonald (E-book)



Cinderella Effect: Nothing Here is Forever



The Cinderella Effect is a dark, romantic, thriller that will keep you surprised till the end.

“He carried me uphill and his rhythmic heartbeat sounded like the jungle tribal drums to my ears.  My head lay on his chest…the scent of him filled my mind and banished my fears.  What do I make of this?  It is something I feared all my life.  Could there be a chance to live apart?  O’ God, for your love’s sake, help me to believe in being loved by the one who steals my heart…”

Before Ann could write any further, she fell asleep with her head on the table.  Phil came in with the fire logs.  He put them down quietly when he saw        her asleep.  Then, he saw her diary.  Curious that maybe she had written something about Jade’s whereabouts, he very gently took the diary from near her. As he read it, his face darkened.  He looked at her and wondered what she was thinking.  Where was she headed?  He didn’t have time for this with her!

Ann’s case was a complicated one. She had gone through a very dark childhood that had shaped her psyche, to a great extent.  But, Phil’s secret was even darker.  Could these opposites ever meet in the ray of hope called love?  That was a question that only time would tell.  They would first need to confront the dark shadow from the past that threatened to finish the present.



Cinderella Effect: Nothing Here is Forever by Vaishnavi MacDonald (E-book)


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