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Chitterville by Phy Tizzeey

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“Never again shall one Chitter be treated differently than another. And all Chitters are equal contributors to Chitterville. From this point on, these laws govern the land, indeed,  this is an exciting time for all of us.”  

In Chitterville, there is a tribe of little creatures called “Chitters”.  Their civilization has recently been plagued by environmental changes and hostile influences.

As the book opens, the Chitters live in fear that the lush, green forest in which they thrive is     on the verge of extinction. An invasion of     mysterious creatures, which was foretold by their ancestors, seek to overtake their land.

The young leader of the Chitters, Chip, has attained his role through legacy and is ill-prepared for what the future holds. The Chitters agree that if it were not for Mot, their colony would not have survived. Her wise   guidance has proved important as they face the struggle of their lives.  Will they survive?


Chitterville by Phy Tizzeey

1 review for Chitterville by Phy Tizzeey

  1. Dina Husseini

    This book was so entertaining, but not only that, it took you in many directions; trying to figure out, whether the little ones will survive or not. I really enjoyed reading it. I have mixed emotions about the ending, and I hope I will see more of these wonderful creatures :)

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