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Carole’s Story…A Scottish Gem by Michele M. Rodger



Carole’s Story…A Scottish Gem

BASED ON AN INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY, Carole was no different than most young girls. Growing up in Scotland in the early 1970’s she would dream of getting married to her prince, having two children, and living in her castle happily ever after.  At the age of 17 she found her prince, eventually got married, had her two children, and moved into her castle.  Then her world started to crumble around her.  A medical scare derailed her only six months after her marriage ended…breast cancer.  Her unwavering desire and spirit to live life to its fullest, find true love, and adventure persevered.  Back on track once again, the unthinkable happened.  Carole was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and she asked God, Why me again?  The emotional roller coaster she rode build an incredible strength of spirit and hope within her which was inspirational to others.

How can something positive come out of such a story? Portions of the proceeds of this book, (and hopefully one day), a blockbuster movie will go toward supporting an alternative treatment for cancer.  It is the hope and aspiration of the author that the readers will be able to say they too helped support the ongoing research needed in finding an alternative treatment to cancer.


When Michele M. Rodger’s sister-in-law, Carole’s battle with cancer ultimately took her life, it changed her in a profound way.  She vowed to support alternative treatments for cancer until people diagnosed with stage 4 cancers would no longer die from the disease.  That would be the ultimate happy ending to this story.

See Michele’s full bio inside this book.  Visit her website at:  www.drrodgernd.com/caroles-story



Carole’s Story…A Scottish Gem by Michele M. Rodger


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