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Carnivals 2 Theme Parks by Jack Birmingham



Carnivals 2 Theme Parks

Every school leader who is charged with guiding a school has a desire to develop a climate that is welcoming and attractive to each person who walks the halls of their building. This climate must be strong enough to last throughout the school year on a consistent basis, not just once in a while! So how do the leaders of today move their schools from a “carnival atmosphere” to a “Theme Park” climate?

In Carnivals 2 Theme Parks Jack Birmingham develops the interesting and light-hearted analogy of transforming our schools from simply having those “carnival” moments to a more concerted and deliberate framework of building a desirable “theme park” climate for their students, staff and parents.

Carnivals 2 Theme Parks will share leadership strategies as well as self-assessment opportunities that will help nurture the school’s environment through TRUST, RESPECT and FUN, while taking an enjoyable look down memory lane of the landscape of our amusement parks!  


Carnivals 2 Theme Parks by Jack Birmingham


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