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Carmella the Camel Gets a Home by Diane Orr (Paperback)

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Carmella the Camel Gets a Home



Carmella was an adorable, stuffed camel. She lives in a bin at a toy store. Carmella thought she would never find a home because she was different from the other camels.  She had one lop-sided eye and her coat was caramel-colored and not brown like the other camels.

Then one day, things changed.


Carmella the Camel Gets a Home by Diane Orr (Paperback)

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2 reviews for Carmella the Camel Gets a Home by Diane Orr (Paperback)

  1. Elizabeth Campbell

    Aww such a wonderful story, well done!

  2. Lucinda Pesek

    Carmella is a stuffed camel with a small imperfection, a lopsided eye. Living in a toy store in Iraq, she is never the chosen toy until an America Soldier decides that she is, indeed, the perfect gift. Carmella’s plight, told in her own voice, is a feel good, sweet bedtime read for any boy or girl.

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