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Cabinet Meetings by Ndaba Sibanda (Paperback)


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Cabinet Meetings

of Big and Small Preys


The beauty of love was in the air. I felt its beat thundering, burning and melting into my heart with a startling ferocity. It drew my heart to her heart and gave birth to a new fusion. In my dreams and thoughts, it murmured those rhythms of everlasting togetherness whose fire is fearless.

I perched on its wings and wheels when I was far from her, and her nearness sang in full swing, in praise of a warmth that conquers the vagaries of her weather, her seasons and reasons. In her absence, I was haunted by a certain addictive hunger. I desired to be completed and healed by her closeness.

There was an emptiness I could not bear or escape from. In my heart I banished the cyclicity with which our heated arguments occurred. Such contentions and shouts were consigned to the dustbin of past times. I was convinced that the road ahead had no blind turns or sharp humps.




Cabinet Meetings by Ndaba Sibanda (Paperback)

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