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Bubbles & Bullfrogs: The Fiddlesticks Series by Rachel Hale



Bubbles & Bullfrogs Book 2 in The Fiddlesticks Series 


Bubbles & Bullfrogs:  Newly engaged manager of Belle’s Broadway Boutique, Diana Summers is about to discover some shocking news about her perfect prince charming fiancé. She just got engaged, but it’s hard to be sure if you want to go through with everything when you discover your computer nerd fiancé is actually an FBI agent investigating a money laundering scheme at the boutique… and she’s his cover. After Diana is kidnapped, her fiancé Joey (or is it Frank?) must rescue and convince her that he didn’t lie about everything in his life—especially his love for her.

To break the case, they’ll need help from Frank’s (or is it Joey?) large and in charge partner Bits, as well as Diana’s always involved best friends from college. Cautious Connie, Funny Persnickety Patty, and Adventurous  Jessica.

In this fast-paced, heart pumping, comedic and delightful adventure, there is only one question that must be answered: Will Diana and Frank (Yep,  it’s Frank, this time she’s sure) stand the test they face in their love, as well as their faith, to solve the case… and maybe even be married amongst Bubbles & Bullfrogs?


Bubbles & Bullfrogs: The Fiddlesticks Series by Rachel Hale


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