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Crossing Lines in the Sand: Feels like Chocolate by Sandra Moody Blackmon



Crossing Lines in the Sand: Feels like Chocolate

It’s a beautiful thing when love comes together and the two find something in common to build on. But when love crosses society’s theoretical laws, it can be a battle. Crossing Lines in the Sand—Feels Like Chocolate is a love story which challenges society’s double standard rule, about older women in relationships with younger men.

Dan’E Magic worked at the local seafood restaurant, The Seawater, while embarking on a career in hip hop entertainment, all the while catching the eye of most of the female staff; one being more than twice his age.

Widowed mother of three, Kayth Mitchell, can’t keep her mind off of the young man, even though many would scorn her for her behavior. But, despite that fact, the two found a challenging connection, and begin flirting towards that end, until Dan’E, in an impromptu manner and, without any explanation, quit his job. Then about a year or so later, they run into each other and spent that day on the beach. This synchronicity moment had revived their interest.

Though their long and beautiful, sometimes happy, sometimes stormy relationship was rocked with people still gossiping, pointing fingers, and passing judgment because of their extreme age differences and life style, with living in a mansion behind a concrete fortress in the desert, and a yellow rose for forgiveness, and their love feast adventures, they had managed to survive.

Now, facing one of the couple’s darkest periods, investigative reporter, Darlene Grey, has been given permission to enter the Magic’s vast desert compound to record a tell-all interview. However, a skeptic in her own right because of her own turbulent and emotional journey, her deep-seated pain and irrational theory about love kept Ms. Gray from taking this assignment too seriously. Although this couple has experienced much joy and strife over the years, Kayth feels that its time for the world to know their full story; and yet, this incidental memoir was also Kayth’s attempt at solidifying her own belief that in spite of societies’ objections and theories, and regardless of their outcome, even if they must live behind the gate of a fortress, the world needed to know that the Magic’s life will still feel like the spirit of love—the feeling of Chocolate.

Crossing Lines in the Sand: Feels like Chocolate by Sandra Moody Blackmon


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