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Birdees and the Bracelet of the Five Gods by Engy Donia (Paperback)

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Birdees and the Bracelet of the Five Gods



Beware what you wish for.

Death is the end, but life goes on. The past shouldn’t be messed with.


Birdees is obsessed with her ancestor’s history—ancient Egypt history. After her mother’s tragic death, her obsession grows more and more   powerful. She refuses her ordinary boring life and her mind keeps living within the pages of the  history books, fascinated by the mystery and  magic of the past. But she will soon realize that the reason for her prodigious obsession is that an ancient legacy was left for her from thousands of years before. A burden she holds in her hand for years, unbeknownst to her, that it will bring her pain, suffering and the death of her beloved ones. Yet, she must protect her legacy with her life. It should never fall into the hands of the evil priest, Jed Didy, but must be passed to the rightful owners in order to survive.

A historical fantasy novel based on real kings and queens, real prophecies, real spells, real battles, and real villain; his name was deliberately obliterated from the ancient papyruses.


Birdees and the Bracelet of the Five Gods by Engy Donia (Paperback)

5 reviews for Birdees and the Bracelet of the Five Gods by Engy Donia (Paperback)

  1. Dina Husseini

    I love ancient Egypt, so for me, this was easy to enjoy.

  2. Mano

    If you love history, magic and fantasy; this book definitely will be your favourite. It’s an AMAZING book, very well written. The author did awesome job with the characters’ voices, I could picture and hear each one.
    I really loved this book and the author’s style! I can’t wait to read her next book!!!!

  3. Nermeen

    Very interesting book easy to read good language i love it

  4. Gaynor Jones

    I also love Egypt and have it as a bucket list. I was inclined to read it. It’s captivating, keeps you on the edge of your chair, and makes you want to keep reading more. The attention to detail is amazing. Great read by anyone. Engy, great job.!

  5. Senzy

    When my mom gave me this book, I didn’t expect to love it, I thought it would be like all the teen books in the market which have all those lame tropes; love triangle, the tough girl who beats them all and saves the world, or weak then discovers her powers in the end!!
    But this book is different. It has multiple main characters from different ages, humans and mythical creatures. I loved them all, especially, the cat, Baset. And Birdees, she’s very smart, educated and loved by her friends.
    I loved the book, and recommended to my best friend.

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