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Billie Bop’s Robot, Bebop by Bryan Carrier

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Billie Bop’s Robot, Bebop


What is nine-year-old Billie Bop building in his garage?  Well, a Robot of course!  He has piles of gears, wheels, wires, bottle caps and more.  Why does he want a Robot?  To help with his chores.  Why else?


Billie Bop’s Robot, Bebop by Bryan Carrier

2 reviews for Billie Bop’s Robot, Bebop by Bryan Carrier

  1. Kristin Coda

    Billie Bop’s Robot, Bebo is just plain fun. Everyone can relate to Billie, and who wouldn’t want a robot to help with chores? My family fell in love with Billie and Bebo. The story is funny, and can also show kids what they can do with common items around the house – be creative! Author Bryan Carrier has captured our hearts with this book. I highly recommend it for children of all ages.

  2. Tanga Sagrada

    This is the second book that Bryan Carrier has published. Billie Bop’s Robot promotes solid values demonstrating that cooperation, love, and respect have positive outcomes. The illustrations are compelling and fun. You’ll enjoy the read along with your child.

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