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Bellum: Book 1 in the BIMD Series by George Reaidy (Paperback)

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Bellum: Book 1 in the BIMD Series



Heaven and Hell have always been at war leaving Earth a shattered realm. Peace was formed when a Council was created. The peace was preserved by forging the Seals. Legend mentioned that if all the seals are broken, the Four shall rise and cleanse Creation from all evil.

Centuries pass since the Four cleansed Creation from evil and Bellum finds himself accused of rekindling the fire of destruction and dooming Mankind. Will he be able to prove his innocence? Or will he suffer eternal damnation under the Council’s rule?


Bellum: Book 1 in the BIMD Series by George Reaidy (Paperback)

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3 reviews for Bellum: Book 1 in the BIMD Series by George Reaidy (Paperback)

  1. Dina Husseini

    So, so, so proud of George. After thoroughly working on his story based on my recommendations and guidance, he created a masterpiece. BOOK ONE of a FOUR BOOK series. I am very, very proud of him. This is one book you would love to own in your library of books. So proud. Well done, George. Thank you, for trusting me.

  2. Dani Anderson

    After reading this book, my mind took a shock of relief to discover that it’s part of a 4 book series and that the adventure of the 4 lives on.

  3. Zoe Mou

    What can I say? I literally can’t wait for book 2.

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