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An Eagle’s Flight by Sandra Lott



An Eagle’s Flight


An Eagle’s Flight:   The Eagle is a majestic bird; especially as you see it soaring high into the sky with its wings spread wide.  The way eagles court each other, protect and raise there young is very much the same as how God is with us.  Have you just been saved?  Maybe it has been a short while since you have received Jesus but there are many questions you do not understand about walking with God?  Maybe you just want a closer walk with God and are seeking more understanding about the trials you are now going through.

Let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart as you read An Eagle’s Flight. You will be blessed and will have a better understanding about your spiritual walk in Christ.  Life will bring trials regardless if you are saved or not, the only difference is now that you are a Christian you have Jesus to back you up and intercede for you and we know the outcome in advance, we win!


An Eagle’s Flight by Sandra Lott


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