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Alone In the Cave by Rosie Moore



Alone In the Cave


A dream has a way of catching one by surprise. She was alone in a cave and felt every sensation as if it was real, but the fall brought her back to reality.

We are fascinated by the world of dreams. We often go to places or become people who we never thought we could become. We look through the eyes of ourselves, never seeing ourselves, yet talking to others whom we never thought we’d ever talk to. Maybe we are flying to a beautiful place, or worse, we are trapped by a not-so- friendly force. Either way, we are sometimes mesmerized by the telling of dreams, either our own or the dream of another. This story, Alone in the Cave , captures the feelings we all have when it comes to dreams and how they turn out in our lives. Can dreams really come true?


Alone In the Cave by Rosie Moore


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