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A Story of Faith by Rosie Moore (E-Book)



A Story of Faith: by Rosie Moore



Sometimes you ask yourself, “Why do I go through the challenges that I go through,” and later on you find out that it is to glorify the Lord. But I tell you, at the time the challenge and  trial is taking place, it is not the best time in one’s life.  It often  feels like the end of the world and like there is nowhere to turn. The emotions that one feels are personal and often it feels like the Lord has abandoned us. But, it is in those tough times, that the Lord is closest to us.  He is guiding us and molding us into the  Christian women or men that He wants us to be.

Rosie Moore devotes her time to the Lord and shares with you this inspirational book: A Story of Faith.  It is her hope that it helps you along the way in your walk with God.  (Third Edition)


A Story of Faith by Rosie Moore (E-Book)

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  1. admin

    A Story of Faith is truly an inspirational story of love between a parent and a child.

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