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A Novel Idea by April Maguire (Paperback)

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A Novel Idea

What happens when the leading man in your book becomes the leading man in your life? Where does the line of insanity begin? How does it end? What is reality for an author who loves to write?

Alexa Summers writes novels. She researches her information. She explores her surroundings. She antagonizes her protagonist. She discovers the man of her dreams on the pages of her new book. Yet, she is dismayed because he is in love with someone else. How can she compete with a woman who isn’t afraid of bold displays of affection and attraction? Alexa must try.

With the waves of the ocean lapping at her feet, and the beacon of the lighthouse shining upon her silhouette, Alexa finds herself on her first book tour in a small community in Maine. The natives are friendly, and the scenery is majestic. But, the author becomes lost when she gives her heart to the groundskeeper of the lighthouse. A man with needs, he too is attracted to Alexa. Her luscious auburn hair and bright blue eyes hypnotize him at every turn.

“A Novel Idea” is the twisted story of man meets woman; woman meets man; man must choose between the woman in his arms, or the woman who writes the book.


A Novel Idea by April Maguire (Paperback)

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1 review for A Novel Idea by April Maguire (Paperback)

  1. Dina Husseini

    I loved this story so much.

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