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A Mosaic of Perseverance: The Autobiography of Dr. Jerry Galloway



A Mosaic of Perseverance:  The Autobiography of Dr. Jerry Galloway:  Through this intimate chronology, readers are taken on this amazing life journey of Dr. Jerry Paul Galloway.  From Jerry’s modest beginnings in a 1950’s Midwestern family, you will follow along as Jerry grows up, comes of age, and finds his way in the world.  Come along as Jerry takes you through the cold war, the musical and cultural revolution of the 1960’s and the technological boom that followed.

Jerry was only a teenager when he started a family of his own.  He earned his doctorate in education while raising two children.  During this time, he started his own business and maintained his work in the arts.

After a lifetime of philosophy and meditation, the many insights he has found through religion, music and the difficulties of life, Jerry shares with you Important lessons for a life of endeavor, enterprise and fortitude.

Join Jerry as he leads you through a whimsical comedy and a serious treatise of life that is ever-changing, challenging and intriguing.  Come along on his search to find meaning and success, you will be glad you did!

A Mosaic of Perseverance: The Autobiography of Dr. Jerry Galloway


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