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A Dad’s Final Duty by Judy Kiel McKain (Paperback)



A Dad’s Final Duty



“So if love comes your way on a bright summer day

And you dream of a lifetime together

Promise God, mean it well, and He’ll bless you I tell

Through the storm clouds and sunshiny weather.”

“Melanoma,” the doctor said after taking a quick look. Those words strike fear into the hearts of anyone who hears them, but Jim’s family had faith and were sure that their faith would see them through. Their faith would certainly be tested as they battled this cancer. Then after surgery, they asked the doctor to give it to them straight, hoping for the best news and fearing the worst.

With a lump in my throat, I was able to say, “We’re a family who likes to deal with things head on, doctor. What does all this mean in terms of Jim’s prognosis?”

He looked me straight in the eye and said, “This disease will take Jim’s life; it could be a year, year and a half. It could be a matter of months.”

With his daughter’s upcoming wedding, Jim’s final wish was to walk his daughter down the aisle. God willing, he would do just that.



A Dad’s Final Duty by Judy Kiel McKain (Paperback)

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