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A Boy’s Dream – Ohio State: The Dennis Bunda Story (Hardback-Color)

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A Boy’s Dream – Ohio State: The Dennis Bunda Story

by Dennis Bunda – Hardback with Full Color Photos


Dennis Bunda takes readers along on his personal quest and life’s journey to fulfill a dream. It was a dream that only a few people thought was even  possible.

His journey begins in elementary school, when he learns that life is going to have a lot of ups and downs, as he is faced with a life changing tragedy. His family moved many times during the 1970s: to Tucson, Arizona and then back to Northwest Indiana.

He shares details about his junior high and high school years in the 1980’s, where friendships, sports, and girls shaped his early life. There were influential teachers and coaches who taught him that life isn’t always fair and that you have to overcome many obstacles and adversities on the path to your dream. There are times when his dream seemed unlikely and unobtainable. However, The Dennis Bunda Story is truly a book about motivation, inspiration, and determination. There are unexpected surprises, detours, and difficult challenges that he dealt with on the journey to his ultimate destination.

Once Dennis realizes his dream, there are two unexpected surprises waiting for him. The book ends with a chapter called, “Destiny Road”, where he assures readers that anything in life is possible if you believe in yourself and never give up on your own dreams.

Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!!


A Boy’s Dream – Ohio State: The Dennis Bunda Story (Hardback-Color)

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2 reviews for A Boy’s Dream – Ohio State: The Dennis Bunda Story (Hardback-Color)

  1. Dina Husseini

    Are you a fan of this game? If not, well, you will be after this story. Amazing :)

  2. Darnell Mooney

    great book

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