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Interview with Debi Stanton by Tim Campsell The Indiana Business Spotlight: Indiana Business Spotlight: Debi Stanton – Pen It! Publications – YouTube

Interview with Author Emmanuel Kulu Jr, by Pen It! President, Debi Stanton at the Virtual Book Fair: I Black Pharaoh

Interview with Debi Stanton by Illustrator, Teresa Amehana Garcia: Interviewing Debi Stanton Author and Publisher with Pen It Publications – YouTube

Interview with LeighAnne Clifton – Author Interview LeighAnne Clifton – YouTube

Interview with Emmanuel Kulu, Jr – Pen It! Publications, LLC – Author Interview, Emmanuel Kulu, Jr., “I, Black Pharaoh” – YouTube

Interview with Janet Halfmann – Author Interview Janet Halfmann – YouTube

Interview with Dawn Doig – Author Interview – Dawn Doig Interview – YouTube

Interview with Despina Nicola – Author Interview Despina Nicola – YouTube

Interview with Patricia Bubb a.k.a. Bubbly Mermaid: Patricia Bubb Author Interview – YouTube

Interview with Elizabeth Hilby – Elizabeth Hilby Author Interview – YouTube

Interview with Stephan Kahofer – Steve Kahofer Author Interview – YouTube

Interview with Diane Orr – Author Interview Diane Orr – YouTube

Interview with Lou Stant – Lou Stant Author Interview – YouTube

Introducing Ric Lee and Linda Steinert – About Us – YouTube also Brand new book!!! – YouTube

Introducing Joyce Isaacson Author of Wish You Were Here – Joyce Isaacson – YouTube

Interview with Rochelle Lazauskas by Teresa Amehana Garcia – Rochelle Lazauskas Author of Moey’s Big Back Yard and Day At The Farm Interview – YouTube

Interview with James Robert Bridge – Robert James Bridge – YouTube

Interview Nadene Markitch Jantz – The Angel With Only One Wing – Nadene Jantz – YouTube

The Ghostman Radio Station – Interview with Joyce S. Isaacson author of Wish You Were Here! – JOYCE ISAACSON_ Wish You Were Here: A Rock Fantasy by Joyce Isaacson inspired by Badfinger – YouTube

Interview with Robbin Miller Breaking the Barriers: by Teresa Amehana Garcia – Ame’s Bookshelf Interviews: Robbin Miller “Breaking the Barriers” – YouTube

Interview with Lizy J. Campbell by Vince Stevenson of BoomersOnBooks – Lizy J Campbell talks about her work as an author and illustrator to Boomers On Books. – YouTube

Interview with Jo Jewel , Author of The Old Man and the Watch series by Teresa Amehana Garcia – Ame’s Bookshelf Reviews: The Old Man And The Watch by Jo Jewell – YouTube

Instagram Interview with Dina Husseini – My Last Breath

Interview with Ken Palmrose, author of Out of the Blue

Video Book Trailers & Author Websites

Path to Truth: The Ray Stanton Story – Path to Truth

The Tzaraath Chronicles: The Turn book 1 by Ric and Linda Steinert – Brand new book!!! – YouTube

Follow Me Into the Woods by Amy Laundrie – Follow Me Into the Woods trailer – YouTube

The Festival of Scandal – Reading of I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power by Emmanuel Kulu – “I, Black Pharaoh: Golden Age of Triumph” (Audiobook Preview Chapter 2) – YouTube

I’m Not Just a Tree You See by Susan Kimble – Illustrated by Teresa Amehana Garcia – Unboxing: I’m Not Just A Tree You See by Susan Mellencamp-Kimble – YouTube

A Moment with Natzee AB – Natzee AB – YouTube

The Fantastic Adventures of Oliver Phenomenon by Andy Klein – Andy Klein – YouTube

Adrian Stroud – Author of Brothers in Arms – Adrian Stroud – YouTube

Maggie the Magnificent by Erin Lee – The Book Trailer for ‘Maggie the Magnificent!” By Erin Lee – YouTube

Jus’ Plain Harry by Pat Pattan – Pat Pattan – YouTube

I, Black Pharaoh: Golden Age of Triumph by Emmanuel Kulu – I, Black Pharaoh Golden Age of Triumph | Book Trailer | NEW RELEASE – YouTube

Review by Steven R. McEvoy of Jenna’s Journey by Karen Kelly Boyce – Jenna’s Journey

All Your Heart by LeahAnne Clifton – All Your Heart

Pauperize My Broken Cross by William Smith – Pauperize My Broken Cross

The Silk Road by Doug Pacheco – The Silk Road

June Memories by Christina Panzer – June Memories

M.I.A. A Heroes Return by Frank Pisani – A Heroes Return

The Grey Fairy by Ana Scannell – The Grey Fairy

The Madcap Chronicles of Elton Brunol by Lou Stant – Madcap

Legatia book 2 by Maria Weintraub – Legatia 2

Author E. G. Kardos Website: Website

Helpful Videos:

Why Pen It! Publications, LLC: Why Pen It! Publications, LLC? – YouTube

Submitting a Book Pointers with Tonya Andrews: Submitting a Book Pointers – YouTube

How to Read Your Book at a Book Signing with Tonya Andrews: How to read your book at a signing or event. – YouTube

Social Media Marketing Tips with Tonya Andrews – Wisdom Wednesday – Social Media Tips – YouTube

Be Encouraged with Tonya Andrews – Wisdom Wednesday – Be Encouraged – YouTube

Time Management with Ric Lee and Linda Steinert – Time Management – YouTube