Pen It Publications Author Guest Posts

We are pleased to offer our authors a proven book promotion service. Our marketing team will find relevant websites and blogs for you to write articles for and place links to your Amazon author profile. We will guide you through the entire process. We know you are busy and this is very time consuming. Accordingly, we can only accommodate a limited number of authors at a time. Our team has over 12 years of experience doing this and will be able to find you the best sites for your genre. This service is being provided at the lowest cost we can which is $99 for 3 article placements.

To be more specific let’s use an example of what we do:

  1. Search the web for sites that meet the criteria you provide (parenting sites, Christian sites, etc.)
  2. Contact the owners of the site and pitch your article titles/ideas to them
  3. Once they accept an idea we will contact you with the site owner’s information and article request
  4. You write the article and submit it to the site owner
  5. They will either approve the article or not, if they do they will publish it for their readers
  6. If the process fails we replace it one time for free (so max opportunities is 6 to get 3 published)

We do not control whether the website owner will publish your article or not, but we can get you opportunities to write article. It is also imperative that you have an Amazon author page to fully take advantage of this service. Thank you!

This is how our team will communicate with you.
Please tell us about you, your expertise, and background. Bits that sites might be interested in hearing.
You may want us to find parenting blogs, Christian blogs, sports blogs, etc. Any information you can provide here will be directly used by our team.

Article Ideas

In this section list 5 article ideas you might have that would be interesting for site owners. 10 Creative Ways Kids Learn Their A,B,C's or 10 Things I Learned Writing my First Novel, etc.
If you have not already claimed and populated your Amazon Author page we encourage you to do that first. Here is a great website that tells you more about them:
This is a paid service(Required)
You will ask the author for a by-line link(Required)
Work you will have to do(Required)