Maggie the Magnificent by Erin Lee:

Five Star Review: Bright, colorful illustrations will bring “Maggie the Magnificent” to life, in a young reader’s imagination.

Maggie loves doing card tricks, making flowers appear, and pulling a rabbit from her hat.

…..Maggie sets out to show how “magnificent” she is, on her first day of school. Making friends is hard to do, even if you are “magnificent”.

…..Maggie’s wonderful imagination reveals itself in a magical notebook.

…..Maggie makes promises to her classmates that she can’t keep, and in doing so, something truly “magnificent” happens!

Author Erin Lee is an elementary teacher and artist living in Long Sault, Ontario with her supportive family and black cat “Bella”. Erin’s goal is to “portray messages about life skills and social skills that cannot necessarily be found in a curriculum”.

This book will make a cherished gift for any young child. It is a perfect bedtime story. As a Grandmother I can say, this book belongs in school, church and community libraries.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Pen It Publications).

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Author’s Page At Pen It Publications:

5 Star Book Review: Maggie the Magnificent by Erin Lee

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