Red Clover Reader – Debi Stanton, President

Pen It! has joined Red Clover Reader.  This is a wonderful opportunity for free marketing and a way to reach less fortunate children and their families. Here is the way it works.  If you are a children’s author and have a published book with us, we will upload that book for you for free.  Children all over the world can view your book on their platform for free.  If the child really likes the book, then the parent can order the book from us.  If they place an order, we will split the royalties received from Red Clover Reader.  They only keep 10% of the profit.  I encourage you to go to this link and check it out.  Their platform gives less fortunate children the ability to read at least 30 minutes per day for free.

  1. Authors can set up a profile, do a video, upload books, etc.  There is no cost.  We encourage you to do this if you would like to proceed
  2. Pen It! Publications uploads our authors books for them, they only need do their Author Profile.
  3. It is easy to join the “Family” plan. You can add up to 5 others (children, grandchildren, etc.) and for free you can read with them (even across the miles) for 30 minutes per day.
  4. If you choose to upgrade for $14.99 per month (optional), you can read as many books as you want for as long as you wish every day.

We highly recommend this wonderful site to our authors, staff and readers.

Red Clover Reader

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