Toby’s Tale by Jennifer Freedman:

Toby’s Tale is a story of strength, perseverance and love. Toby is a Schnauzer puppy who selflessly leaves his family and embarks on a great adventure as he seeks his forever home. He learns about friendship, loyalty and kindness, but he also experiences cruelty and hopelessness. Toby’s Tale is full of colorful characters — both two-legged and four-legged — who play key roles as Toby takes each step of his journey.

Traveling with Toby on his journey to adulthood is an excursion along life’s road; a trip that shows how all creatures are searching for the safe, secure place where they belong. With that goal in mind, Toby overcomes hardship and loneliness by finding an inner strength stemming from the values of family, friendship, loyalty and faith.

Toby’s Tale is a learning experience shared in a visionary, fun way with valuable lessons about life. It’s a story about hard choices. An adventure that gives people four legs instead of two, by allowing them to view life through the eyes of a dog. A tale about belief, tenacity and love. As your fingers run through the pages, Toby will run through your heart.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎286 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (November 22, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Grandma’s Book Club: Dogs
Grandma’s Book Club: Pets

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About Jennifer Freedman:  Jennifer Freedman is a veteran journalist who has worked for international media in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.She lived in Europe for 30 years, raising three beautiful children in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. She and her husband Stephen Poppell began a new adventure in Costa Rica in 2020 and now wake every day to gorgeous scenery, amazing bird calls and even the occasional growl of howler monkeys.

Author’s Page At Pen It Publications:

Author’s Page At Pen It Publications:

February 2022 Book Cover Award!

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