Marketing Tips by Tonya Andrews

Patience, Patience, Patience

The age-old adage, Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, comes in very handy when it comes to Marketing your writings.  It takes a bit of time to first, get your name out there, and second, consistently keep your products on the minds of buyers.  There are so many products trying to grab consumers’ attention these days.  It just takes a patient, consistent reminder to those who may be interested in your writing for themselves or others.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Does your local library have a Winter or Summer reading program?  Perhaps you could read your books to the children there.  If you have more adult level books, maybe the local library has a book club and your book can be included.  Another option is an elementary school reading night, or even a presentation at a local college during a literacy event.  There are many towns that have events with booths available.  Do the local bookstores or libraries have a local author’s signing event or could you (with help from Pen It! Publications) persuade them to start one?  Also, another booth idea would be at local craft fairs or flea markets.  There are so many options for getting your book out there.  I would be happy to help you with any of them.

Smile, Smile, Smile

You are now a published author!!  Be proud of that and SMILE!  Sometimes, the best way to convey the writing in your book, is to share the story and background with a smile.  That will allow the reader to fully understand the purpose of the book and where the idea/concept came from.  It will also keep them engaged for more writings you may have published.

Share your Book

Do not be afraid to step out and share the information about your book in conversations, book stores, libraries, etc.  A one-time donation of a book to a local library will help move things along nicely.  Depending on the readership of that book, a reminder to the library about your writings at the next release(s) will be beneficial. 

Jot it Down 

Another part of Marketing is always keeping paper and pencil with you.  Albeit, notebook and pen, journal and colored pencils, laptop, memo on phone, tablet or whatever is your preferred way to take notes.  Many people may ask you many things, and it is very hard to keep track of it all at times.  Also, you will see and hear so many ideas for more writings.  Write it all down!!  You will be very thankful you did later.

Use your Resources/Contacts

There is no shame or blame in asking family members or friends to help get the word out about your writings.  It is a simple share of a post, or even just a mention in passing conversation.  They are proud of you , and I’m sure, want to share all about your amazing writings.

Honestly, the most important Marketing Tip ever!! Believe in yourself!!  There will be many challenges, mountains, bumps, scrapes and fires along the way.  You have gotten this far, and you cannot stop now.  Keep moving forward, precept by precept.  You can do it!!

Marketing Tips by Tonya Andrews

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