Be An Encourager by Tonya Andrews

There are so many people who have stories on paper, notes, their laptops or even in scribbles on napkins.  It takes a lot to even consider putting the scribbles into a story, or written format to be submitted.  So many variables play into even submitting a book these days that it could be a very daunting task for many.  They have to consider first of all, their thoughts and ideas being put out there.  Second of all, do they even want to submit their writings to be published.  Also, what publisher should they even choose?  Sometimes, that seems to be the most challenging task in writing a book.  It involves trust, patience and doing some research.

This is where you come in as Pen It! Publications, LLC authors and staff.  If you know of friends or family members that have scribbles waiting to become books, please take a few moments to encourage them.  Sometimes, it just takes that one comment of you can do it, can I help, or would you like to share your story to get them motivated. Whether you are a seasoned author, or you are just starting, you can certainly remember what it was like to put that first book out there for everyone to see.  There are so many publishing options these days, and many who do not really know their way around the publishing world.

We honestly feel that Pen It! Publications, LLC is one of the best choices in publishing your book.  Debi takes the time to help authors through each step and explain anything that they need help with.  Our editors and formatters are very detailed.  Our illustrators are some of the best in the business turning out some amazing images to go with the stories.  We have a phenomenal book cover creator. Please consider encouraging your friends and family to, first of all get their scribbles written; second, let them know that once the words are written, Pen It! Publications, LLC will guide them the rest of the way through the publishing process.  If there are questions you cannot answer, please refer them submit their story to us at

Be An Encourager by Tonya Andrews

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